Heroes Collide is a crossover fanon action-adventure platforming game made by CouyZ.


Sceevil continues his ongoing quest to take over the world but suddenly, he found a place called Elemental Island. So he blew up the island into 6 seperate islands and created a mecha palace to connect to the 6 islands. Now it's up to Josh, Sonic, Red Raven, Spyro, Nate and Sparky to blow up the mecha palace, put the 6 islands back together and defeat Sceevil before it's too late.


The playable characters are Josh, Sonic, Red Raven, Spyro, Nate and Sparky. The only enemies are the Sceevil Golems.


  • Nature Forest
  • Ice Glacier
  • Flame Volcano
  • Earth Cave
  • Air Mountain
  • Water Shore
  • Mecha Palace
  • Rumbled Mecha Palace